Region India
Type Mobile Application
Duration One month
Staff Three members


COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work in every industry. Everything went online during this period, and working from home became the only option available. Teaching also went online, but some essential functions were missing, like taking tests, submitting and reviewing assignments, weekly assessments, discussions after class, and attendance records. A developer named Bilal Abidi approached us with an idea for mitigating these problems and wanted to collaborate with us in making this idea into an app. These issues were briefly discussed and reviewed by Bilal and our team, and then we came up with the Wise app.

Client and Business Goals

An entrepreneur named Bilal Abidi from Bengaluru, India, approached us to build an online learning platform for Android and iOS to mitigate the problems mentioned above and collaborate with us to make this idea work.

Technologies Used






  React Native        

   Zoom SDK        


            Twilio SMS APIs

Business Challenge

The app should enable teachers, individuals, or organizations to host their classes according to time tables, share resources, conduct regular assessments, show attendance records, discuss doubts, share and review assignments and homework, and take class tests. It should help students connect to the classes, submit projects and assessment reports, participate in-class quizzes, and access learning resources.

Our Solution

MD TECH has created a mobile application that runs on Android and iOS.

Features of the application for Teachers:
Features of the application for Students:


The end product of the challenge is a secure Wise app for online teaching. The app’s working is described above and is available on Google Play Store and App Store.

Click Here to jump to the WISE APP for Android.
Click Here to jump to the WISE APP for iOS.

Snapshots of the application:

Client's Review

"THEIR SPEED OF EXECUTION IMPRESSED US."    -- Bilal Abidi (Client/Entrepreneur)

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