Region India
Industry HR Management
Type Responsive web application
Duration One month
Staff Three members


The challenge was to overcome the problems faced by the HR team of any company. Modern labour environments have produced a lot of HR problems and inefficiencies. Businesses are trying to solve the remote workforce problems faced by the HR department. The department faces Employee Engagement issues, Remote workforce communication, getting daily work reports, Poor accessibility, Broadcasting of significant announcements, and updates. We briefly discussed these problems, and after brainstorming for about 2-3 days, we came up with TEAMHR.

Business Goal

The goal was to solve the problems faced by the HR team while managing employees remotely. We decided to build a responsive web application that helps you manage employees remotely. The application should be for both employees and HR, where HR can manage employees, make announcements, track their daily progress, and address specific employees’ leaves. Employees can add their daily status and progress, mark their attendance, ask for leave, and check announcements daily.

Technologies Used






Our Solution

MD TECH Consultancy Services has created a perfect web application for this business goal, known as TEAMHR. It is the ideal solution to manage employees remotely with reasonable plans. It consists of a single responsive web application for both admin and employees.

For ADMIN/HR, the application allows them to do the following tasks:
For Employees, the application allows them to do the following tasks:


The Outcome is a Safe, Secure, and Responsive web application with attractive features, as mentioned above. Click Here to jump to the application. Snapshots of the application:

Desktop View:

Mobile and iPad View:


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